TICO Film Company S.r.l. was founded as an independent production company for film and television in 2005 by father and daughter Gino and Sarah Pennacchi, both of whom bring their experience from the field of international finance. Our production history begins in 2006, with La Vera Leggenda di Tony Vilar (The True Legend of Tony Vilar), the first feature film by Giuseppe Gagliardi. Together with Giuseppe we embarked on an adventurous journey, a mockumentary road-movie between the Italian communities of Buenos Aires and The Bronx in NY, looking for Tony Vilar. Because of the intensity of the experience, whoever has worked on this film will tell you that they have left there a piece of their heart. Very low budget, all private money and a condensation of passion and experiment, La Vera Leggenda di Tony Vilar is for us an unforgettable experience: started off as a documentary, it ended up as a 35mm print for cinema release. It premiered at the first edition of the Rome International Film Festival (we were contended between Rome and the Venice International Film Critics’ Week) and screened internationally at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. Giuseppe is now a very well established director for cinema and TV. Peppe Voltarelli, the leading actor in the film and the composer of the original soundtrack, is an incredible artist, songwriter, and musician: a true modern Italian troubadour, whom we have been excited to meet and whose work we have been supporting since.


Following our first film we started developing new ideas and projects, participating to pitches and main film markets around Europe, meeting and involving new people, and producing great works.
With Stefano Sardo, a very well established scriptwriter for cinema and TV, we coproduced both his films as director: in 2006 the short film: Il Senso della Vite (Nuts). In 2013, together with Indigo Film (the prestigious company that recently produced The Great Beauty) we co-produced his first documentary: Slow Food Story – A 25 Year Gastronomic Revolution, which premiered at the Berlinale Festival and toured many festivals one of which Telluride in the US.
Between 2011 and 2012, we produced 3 documentaries by Alessandro Scillitani: Heavenly Voices, The Hidden River and Le Dimore Del Vento (Abodes of the Wind). A one-man-show, Alessandro is a director, DOP, editor, music composer, and more! We wish him good luck with his newly founded company. The Hidden River – A Journey Down the Po with Paolo Rumiz premiered at the Venice Days, Venice International Film Festival and resulted in a successful collaboration with the famous Italian newspaper ‘La Repubblica’, which distributed and sold over 20.000 DVD copies of the film.
Our 2009 collaboration with Renzo Carbonera brought to light the story of an unusual polyphonic choir in a tiny village in Friuli, a vibrant region in the North of Italy. The original documentary, Stop and Listen, is the example of how a very local story can achieve global appeal, selling internationally, Sky Arts also thanks to the skillful work of Dr. Reiner Moritz, our sales agent.
In 2009 we also worked with Nicole Leghissa: director, adventurer and a passionate traveler. Nicole went to Congo to shoot our documentary about the legendary life of Pietro Savorgnan di Brazzà, The Weak Current, co-produced with Federico Saraceni from Settimarte. The film was broadcasted in Italy and France and screened at the famous pan-African Fespaco Film Festival, and at the Trieste Film Festival.



Our latest effort is our first feature film Babylon Sisters by Gigi Roccati, still in post production, based on the novel ‘Amiche per la pelle’ by Laila Wadia ed. E/O (Media Fund / Mibact / FVG Film Commission / Imaie / Co-production Croatia Danijel Pek) and our second production collaboration with Executive Producer Ines Vasiljevic.



Part of the TICO team is also Matteo Pennacchi, who is always a source of inspiration and one of the first persons with whom we bounce ideas. We like strong and authentic stories, no matter from which part of the world. We have worked in Africa, India, Argentina, US and Europe. We are used to take risks as long as they stay within the limits of what we know we can handle, that is why we have managed to sail fairly well in these difficult years of public money cuts and general financial difficulties. We have proved to be successful in fund raising, winning European funds like Media Fund, Regional funds, and Italian Film Commissions film grants, as well as gathering funding from private and institutional sources.


Gino Pennacchi (President and Co-Chairman)

Sarah Pennacchi (Co-Chairman, Producer and Head of Development)