2006 | Giuseppe Gagliardi | 91 min


The first Italian mockumentary ever!

Like the title says, the story of Tony Vilar is half real, and half legend. Historically, he is a real-life singing star who was born in Calabria, Italy, moved to Argentina as a child and became one of the most successful South American singers of the 1960′s.
At the height of his career Tony Vilar mysteriously disappeared. But a legend grew up around the disappearance, and director Gagliardi takes on that legend with a musical tale about fictional Calabrian singer Peppe Voltarelli, who has always venerated the myth of Tony Vilar. Setting out to learn what has become of the former crooner, Peppe’s journey leads him from Italy to Buenos Aires and finally New York.
The True Legend of Tony Vilar ably confuses documentary and fiction with this tongue-in-cheek, mockumentary-style spoof, enlivened by a broad cast of improbable characters. A whimsical road trip film that will finally unveil the mystery of Tony Vilar.






General Info

Year: 2006

Running time: 91′

Country: Italy

Genre: Mockumentary

Language: Italian, English

Subs: Italian, English

Cast & Crew

Director: Giuseppe Gagliardi

Plot: Giuseppe Gagliardi e Peppe Voltarelli

Cast: Peppe Voltarelli, Roy Paci, Tony Vilar, Cristina Mantis, Saverio La Ruina, Dario De Luca, Totonno Chiappetta

Photography: Michele Paradisi

Cinematography: Dario Paolini

Editing: Gianluca Stuard

Music: Tony Vilar, Peppe Voltarelli

3D Animations: OGM Animation Studio

Production: Tico Film, Avocado Pictures

Distribution: Metacinema (Giovanni Tamberi)

International copyrights: RaiTrade

List of Festivals


Rome International Film Festival, Italy


Tribeca Film Festival, USA

Calgary International Film Festival, Canada


San Diego Italian Film Festival, USA


Piemonte DocuMenteur Filmfest, Italy

Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia, Mexico










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