2009 | Renzo Carbonera | 53 e 75 min


The true fairy tale of Ruda’s choir

Based in a small, picturesque town on the border between Italy and Slovenia, the ‘Coro di Ruda’ is an all-male choir directed in a resolute manner by the charming Fabiana.
The choir members are very different from one another yet their passion for singing unites them all. From the time of Fabiana’s arrival in 2003, the choir quickly began to rise to international success. The documentary reveals the lives and passion of these amateur singers and the sacrifices they must make in order to compete in worldwide singing competitions.






General Info

Year: 2009

Running time: 53′ e 75′

Country: Italy

Genre: documentary

Language: Italiano, dialetto friulano

Subs: Italiano, Inglese

Cast & Crew

Director: Renzo Carbonera

Plor: Gino Pennacchi, Dino Gentili, Renzo Carbonera

Cast: Fabiana Noro, Adriano Bon, Pierpaolo Gratton, Anedi Sdrigotti, Gianni Casatto

Photo: Luca Coassin

Editing: Alessandro Sabbioni ed Ennio Guerrato

Sound: Francesco Morosini

Music: Coro Polifonico di Ruda

Production: Tico Film (Sarah Pennacchi, Gino Pennacchi)

International sales: Poorhouse International ltd (Dr Moritz Reiner)


Sky (UK)

SVT (Sweden)

YLE (Finland)

RAI 3 (Italy)









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