2012 | Ennio Guerrato and Fabio Parente | 30 min


«Apart from Charlot, no one else has been able to produce such a brilliant show» Charlie Chaplin

A story about Vittorio Podrecca, the creator of the most important theatre of marionettes of the 20st century. Since its inception in 1914, his company ‘Piccoli’s Theatre’ has been pioneering a modern and innovative approach to theatre, which brought Italian culture throughout the world and fascinated all kinds of audiences, including famous personalities such as d´Annunzio, Duse, Hofmannsthal, Shaw, Toscanini and Charlie Chaplin.
Podrecca’s marionettes have toured from Paris to London, from Hollywood to Buenos Aires and from Berlin to Moscow, and in its 90 years of activity the Podrecca’s company has realized approximately 35,000 shows in the three continents.
Never before and never since has any theatre company been able to emerge from a local dimension and become such a world-wide success. This is the riveting and emotional story of Podrecca’s life-long passion for entertainment and his incredible adventures.



General Info

Year: 2012

Running time: 30′

Country: Italy

Genre: documentary

Language: Italian

Cast & Crew

Director: Ennio Guerrato

Cast: Carlo Furlan, Silvia Della Polla, Barbara Della Polla, Lorenza Muran, Ennio Guerrato

Photography: Michele Pupo

Editing: Ennio Guerrato

Sound: Francesco Morosini

Production: Tico Film (Sarah Pennacchi, Gino Pennacchi)

Executive producer: Fabio Parente

Distribution: RAI Educational


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