TICO MEDIA offers film consulting services to private and corporate clients, delivering professional advice and guidance in project development, business planning and financing.Consultations are arranged by direct request, and we offer several European languages other than English, notably French and Italian.We can work with you to customize and execute strategies in the following areas:


  • Evaluating co-production scenarios and funding strategiesAdvising (feasibility research) on public and private funding opportunities, such as EU grants, national support schemes or regional fundingAssisting on tax regulations’ schemes Preparing project presentations for investors or applications to public bodies for funding

Business Plans

  • Providing efficient, reliable and fully detailed budgeting and scheduling

Building a solid business structure enhancing the project’s strengths With offices in Rome and London TICO MEDIA’s expertise specializes in mediating film production practices in Italy. The Italian film industry offers extraordinary possibilities to foreign productions, both for the great variety of interesting and stunning locations and for its renowned highly skilled professionals in the audiovisual sector.Moreover, thanks to the recently introduced Tax Credit scheme (which helps saving up to 25% of the productions costs), and to the numerous national and regional film funds available to foreign producers, Italy is becoming a favourite filming destination for foreign cinema productions.Despite that, language, bureaucracy and cultural differences may become the cause of misunderstandings and difficulties that can prevent you to get a successful and pleasant filming experience in Italy.TICO MEDIA offers professional advice and guidance to international producers wishing to film in Italy, in order to make the process simple and straightforward. Our experience and local connections provide a solid interface with the Italian film Industry. We are ideally placed to help our clients to fully benefit from the great opportunities ITALY has to offer.