2012 | Alessandro Scillitani | 80 min


A Journey Down the Po with Paolo Rumiz

A journey across Italy’s great river Po, undertaken by writer Paolo Rumiz together with explorer Valentina Scaglia, in the company of canoeists, boatmen, writers and fishermen. A journey made of encounters, food and adventures, rediscovering a wild stream of water. It is a story told from the perspective of the current, which travels towards the delta and its magnificent shores. Beyond those banks, lie Italy’s four most populous regions. Meanwhile, inside the river Po, an exquisite, secret, uncontaminated space opens up, radiating beauty, despite the environmental catastrophes caused by mankind. 






General Info

Year: 2012

Running time: 70′Paese: Italy

Genre: documentary

Language: Italian

Subs: English

Cast & Crew

Director: Alessandro Scillitani

Cast: Paolo Rumiz, Valentina Scaglia, Francesco Guccini, Valerio Varesi, Fabio Fiori, Paolo Lodigiani, Angelo Bosio

Photography: Alessandro Scillitani

Editing: Alessandro Scillitani

Music: Alessandro Scillitani

Production: Tico Film (Sarah Pennacchi, Gino Pennacchi)

Distribution: Gruppo Espresso, La Repubblica

List of Festivals

Venice Film Festival, Italy








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