2012 | Alessandro Scillitani | 70 mins


Heavenly Voices – The Heirs of Farinelli

Heavenly Voices tells the story of the castrato phenomenon, and how the most gifted amongst these singers rose to international stardom. Names like Farinelli, Senesino, Caffarelli and Carestini come to mind, to name but the most famous ones, who enjoyed great popularity during the time of the great poet and librettist Metastasio and the Opera Seria. Max Emanuel Cencic and Philippe Jaroussky, two of today’s singing stars, take us back in time and talk about operatic entertainment in the Baroque Age. In this film, many countertenors are featured in famous roles and in interviews, amongst them Jochen Kowalski, Andreas Scholl, David Daniels, Daniel Behle and Valer Barna-Sabadus.






General Info

Year: 2012

Running time: 70′

Country: Italy

Genre: documentary

Language: Italian, French, English

Subs: Italian, French, English

Cast & Crew

Director: Alessandro Scillitani

Plot: Gino Pennacchi and Ernesto Tomasini

Solos: Max Emanuel Cencic, Philippe Jaroussky, Ernesto Tomasini

Editing: Alessandro Scillitani

Sound: Alessandro Scillitani

Production: Tico Film (Sarah Pennacchi, Gino Pennacchi)

Distribution: Arthaus Musik

International copyrights: Poorhouse International (Dr. Reiner Moritz)


ERR (Estonia)

YLE (Finland)

SVT (Sweden)

ORF (Austria)

ERT (Greece)









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