2017 - Anya Camilleri - 13 min


On Via Salaria and Via Cristoforo Colombo, two of the main roads running around the suburbs of Rome, one can see many girls lining the streets, prostitutes to be dismissed.
The truth is very different.
Most of these girls are not even 18 years old; they have been kidnapped from their homes and forced into prostitution. They want to escape from the violent criminals who keep them under strict control but don’t know how. They are bought and sold like cattle.
Our short film is a drama telling the story of a16 years old Eastern European girl, Alina, who manages to escape from this nightmare. We follow her as she finds herself in the centre of Rome, a beautiful city where she can trust no one. Paolo will try to help




General Info

Year: 2017

Running time: 13’

Production:  Tico Media Ltd, Pandemonium Ltd (UK)

Genre: short drama

Language: Italian, Polish, English

Subtitles: English, Italian


Cast & Crew

Director: Anya Camilleri

Screenwriter: Anya Camilleri

Assistant Director: Nicole Biondi

Casting: Federica Baglioni

Producer: Sarah Pennacchi (Tico Media ltd)

Executive Producer: Ines Vasiljevic

Line Producer: Stefano Daniele

Production Coordinator: Giulia Campagna

Production Secretary: Alessandro Papa

Production Secretary Assistant: Maurizio Barbetti

Director of Photography: Alessandro Pavoni

Set Designer: Giada Calabria

Costume Designer: Cristiana Ricceri


Yuliia Solob as Alina

Romano Reggiani as Paolo