2017 - Erika Rossi - 75 min


"The contradiction, which generates conflict, is a natural element of the reality and cannot be excluded, if not giving up on the trueness of things or giving up on life." Franco Basaglia

Within a suburban neighborhood of Trieste (Italy), where many underprivileged people live, a nearly utopian project, which stands at the center of a revolutionary model of the health care, is born: a supportive community in which everyone is welcome and helps the others. On one hand, the movie highlights the limits of the national health care, which is now more and more bureaucratic and distant from the real needs of people; on the other, it illustrates the opportunity to rethink the whole therapy methodology, with a new, more inclusive and fresher approach.

Perugia, 25/09/2017

Tico Film is proud to announce that Erika Rossi, director of 'Corte Battera', has been selected within the finalists to the prize competition 'Solinas for the documentary' and has won a development scholarship.



General Info

Year: 2017 - 2018

In production

Running time: 75′

Country: Italia

Genre: documentary

Language: Italian

Subtitles: English

Cast & Crew

Director: Erika Rossi

Screenwriter: Erika Rossi

Production: Gino and Sarah Pennacchi

With: Monica Ghiretti, Plinio Postogna, Roberto Parisi, Maurizio Brandolin 

Camera operator: Erika Rossi, Daniel Mazza

Editing: Beppe Leonetti

Audio operator: Andrea Cauter

Sound design and mixing: Francesco Morosini

Music: Plinio Postogna, Stefano Schiraldi