2016 | Gigi Roccati | 85 min


A migrant tale of sisterhood and music, celebrating unconventional friendships and the power of diversity

Kamla recently moved with her parents into a deteriorated flat complex in the suburbs of Trieste, where also other immigrant families and one old and grumpy professor live.

One day, they all receive an eviction notice; determined to keep living in their flats, the men of the families react with rage to the threats received by the illegal landlord; while the women unite together in order to save their destiny. 

In the meantime, Kamla and the professor become friends against her father’s will, while her mother Shanti reveals her dancing talent. With the help of an Italian friend, a dance school is inaugurated. All the neighborhood is talking about the ‘Babylon Sisters’.




General Info

Subject: Gino Pennacchi, Claudio Venneri

Script: Gigi Roccati, Giulia Steigerwalt, Andrea Iannetta

Production: Tico Film

Producers: Sarah and Gino Pennacchi

Country: Italia/Croazia

Genre: Comedy Drama

Language: Italian/Hindi

Funds: MEDIA Development Fund, Friuli Venezia Giulia FC Film Fund

Cast & Crew

Director: Gigi Roccati


Amber Dutta: KAMLA

Nav Ghotra:​ SHANTI

Yasemin Sandino:​ ​LULE

Neves Ivanković:​​ MARINKA

Fiorellino Xia Yinghong:​​ BOCCIOLO DI ROSA

Renato Carpentieri:​​ PROF. LEONE

Rahul Dutta:​​​ ASHOK

Peppe Voltarelli:​ ​BESIM

Jiemin Wen:​​​ SIG. FONG

Lucia Mascino:​​​ LAURA

Lorenzo Acquaviva:​ ​ZACCHIGNA Jr

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          Italian Distributor

          Lo Scrittoio

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  • "The look of those responding to difficulties with the joy of living" Fulvia Caprara - La Stampa
  • "Only with women the music changes, an exemplary film" Arianna Finos - La Repubblica
  • "A countercurrent film, recounts immigration as it should be" Elisa Grando - Il Piccolo
  • "A wise chemistry between actors and real people" Enrico Magrelli - Hollywood Party 
  • "Perfect for the public! Full of values, educational and enjoyable by everyone” Alessandra Ravetta - Prima Comunicazione
  • "Women, migrants and fighters, three words that no one ever explored in Italian cinema” Marco Philopat -  Agenzia X
  • "Can the world be changed by immigrants?" Daniela De Rosa - The ITFactor Magazine
  • "Reassuringly old Fashioned Necessarily Contemporay!" The Oxford Times








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